ubbed as "Pink Wave", as many as 476 women filed to run for the U.S. House o


f Repr▓esentatives, up from previous record of 29▓8 in 1992, according to Di

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nominations for the U.S. House of Representatives, compared wi▓th previous high of 167 in 1992▓.The number of women who filed to run f▓or governors and winning nominati▓ons totaled 61 and 16 in comparison to the previous highs of 24 and 10, respectively."There are these sort of moderate Republican women who can't find a home when the parties have p▓olarized to ei

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filed to run for office, won primaries

ther side," said Dittmar recently at a briefing organized by N▓ew York Foreign Press Center.Dittmar added that college-educated white women seem to continue to be siding with th▓e Democrats since the last election in 2016.The results of the general election in 2016 and concern over policy

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pullback from the Obama ▓era seem to have served as a catalyst and mo▓tivation for many women running f▓or office in 2018, according to Dimmar.BIPARTISAN MAY GROWWith the U.S. Congress increasingly polarized, congresswomen are more willing to act in a bipartisan fash▓ion and are more o

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rspectives as well as possibly different styles of leadership," Dittmar said."If a significant number of women are e▓lected, you would see a policy impact of that because women te

nd to govern d▓ifferently," said Kimberley Johnson, professor of social and cultural analysis ▓with Department of Sociology under New York U▓niversity.Co

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